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Women In Code

Women Coding Skills development

Join us and support this effort for equality in code

  • Coding is commonly perceived as a male-dominated industry, however, as Nubia Code we are working to change this perception

    Nubia Code

    We believe that when an industry doesn’t encourage gender diversity, it’s a big mistake. In the case of women, that can translate as a full 50% of a population with untapped potential. It’s no surprise that women have countless creative ideas, different perspectives and original insights that, unfortunately, in some cases are being overlooked. It’s true that women are still underrepresented in coding, but, we intend to overturn the landscape and create equal opportunities in the coding environment.

Building a future of equality

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IT for kids

Early Child ICT Skills Development

Developing a better tomorrow for the disadvantaged and underprivileged kids. We can change tomorrow today

  • Coding is the new writing, it is necessary to teach kids how to code early than later

    Nubia Code

    It’s an old yarn by now that computer science is one of the fastest-growing, highest-paying career paths in the world. By 2020, half of all jobs in the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math) fields will be in computing, according to the Association for Computer Machinery. It is therefore against this backdrop that Nubia code has embarked on an catch them young approach especially in disadvantaged communities, the goal is to impart skills for the future as well as eradicate poverty.


Equal Opportunities and a Tech Proof Future

Take online programming courses from anywhere around the world. Building up equity in the tech- industry for women and the advancing of poverty eradication in the future of the disadvantaged.

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